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Coached Programs.

Youth Program.

The program is for ages 10-16 who are reasonably competent riders on road, MTB or BMX bikes (i.e., can mount, ride, stop, control, dismount and ride for ~20 minutes at a modest pace).  Riders will be split into two training groups; one geared towards first time or newer track cyclists and the second to intermediate/elite youth athletes. For beginners, you will learn how to ride a track (fixed gear) bike on a velodrome (cbtl bikes are included in the program fees). Focus will be on fun, safety and skills as we teach you everything you need to be safe and successful while riding the velodrome; from pre-ride bike check to bike handling and learning about the different forms of races.  For advanced athletes you will continue to build skills, gain fitness, and develop higher forms of race tactics.  Both groups will build skills to enable participation in Thursday Night Racing, School’s Out Dash (June 22/23) and Provincial Championships (August 24/25).

We will have two Youth Development Programs this year, spring and summer.  You can register for one or both.  The Spring session will be from May 15 – June 29, 2024, and the summer session from July 3 to August 17, 2024.  The sessions are twice per week, Wednesday 5:00-6:30pm and Saturday 10:00-11:30am.  The programs will build riders towards competing in the School’s Out Dash, June 22, and Provincial Championships August 24/25.

The registration fee is $100 per program, in addition to cbtl Membership and ABA insurance.

Registration is available on the Zone 4 cbtl club registration page.  When completing the club Registration please indicate one or both of the Youth Development Program Sessions.

Adult Program.

Wednesday Nights 7 pm May 15 to August 14

Did you have fun Trying the Track (TTT) and want to learn more?  Want to improve your bike handling skills for road and mountain bike riding?  Interested in racing and looking to learn about mass start tactics or to improve your personal best times?  Want a fun and exciting way to cross train for your winter sport?  These training sessions will be lead by coaches with over 3 decades of experience, so whether you are new to the sport or been racing for awhile, you will learn and be challenged in these sessions as you work towards getting fitter, faster, and more skilled.  The cost is $120 and registration is available on the Zone 4 cbtl club registration page.

Women's Program .

The Women’s Development Track Program is geared toward introducing riders of all abilities who identify as female to the track in a fun and social environment. Whether you are new to cycling or are already an avid rider on or off-road, this program will progress you through everything you need to know, from the basics of riding the track all the way through race introductions and motor pacing. Our track bike rental fleet is also available to all program participants, making this program an easy way for you to get started. Following completion of the program, if you have fallen in love with the velodrome like the rest of us, you have the option to upgrade to a full CBTL membership and have access to all of the the programs CBTL offers for the remainder of the season.

We are partnering with women’s cycling team, Watt Riot Cycling, to offer our popular women’s track program. This will be a five week program running on Monday evenings from 630-8:30pm starting May 13.

Registration can be done through Zone 4.  Please select Women’s Development Program.

Try the Track.

This session is the first step in getting introduced to the velodrome and riding the track. During this session CBTL staff will take you through all of the basics of riding a track (fixed gear) bike and get you riding the velodrome safely and confidently.  Topics covered include track etiquette and safety, what the different lines on the track mean, how to start and stop, and how to ride safely with others on the track. Club bikes are available to all participants in these sessions. All you need to bring is a helmet and a good pair of shoes.

Our Try The Track sessions run Sundays from 10:00am until 11:30am

Once you have completed one of these sessions you can either talk with a CBTL staff member as to which program would suit you best or go into our program section on the website to see the different options. We have a programs for youth, adults, women, and just open track time if you just simply want to enjoy riding the track with no structure.

Completion of this session (or proof of previous track experience at track staff discretion) is necessary prior to taking part in any other CBTL programing or sessions. 

Please bring completed waiver with you.

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